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Flooring Installation



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Superior Installation Services Provided by Hughes Floor Covering

Having professional installation service from Hughes Floor Covering adds the final touch to your remodel. After you select the perfect flooring for your home, our team will have it ordered and one of our team members will arrange an installation date that is convenient for you.

What is Your Role Before & During Installation?

Here are some helpful tips for installation:

  • Permanent heat and power must be on for at least 24 hours prior to installation.
  • If your floor is being delivered prior to installation, prepare a space for materials to be stored.
  • Some flooring, notably hardwood, needs to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in your home. Wood naturally expands or contracts in a new environment and it is best to let this happen before it is permanently affixed. This will help avoid cracking or warping.
  • Remove furnishings, furniture and appliances from the space; this includes closets. (Unless we have scheduled to do that for you!) If you have gas-fueled appliances, you’ll need to get a professional in to disconnect them, and then reconnect them when the floor is installed.
  • All breakable items and antiques should be removed from the installation area.
  • If you live in an apartment or secure, gated community, let the property manager know so you can arrange for access and parking for the installation crew.
  • We recommend that you finish wallpapering and painting before the floor is installed. Keep some paint to touch up any marks from the installation process.
  • Keep some flooring materials that are left over in case you need them in the future for repairs.