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Flooring installation


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Superior installation services provided by Hughes Floor Covering

Professional installation service makes all the difference. Having a professional installation service from Hughes Floor Covering is the final touch to your perfect flooring. After you choose your flooring, it will be ordered, and delivery and installation dates arranged at your convenience.

What is your role in the installation?

Here are some pointers to prepare for your floor’s installation:

  • Prepare a space for materials to be delivered before the installation. Some flooring, notably hardwood, needs to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in your house. Wood naturally expands or contracts in a new environment, it is best to let this happen before it is permanently affixed. This will help avoid cracking or warping.
  • Remove furnishings, furniture and appliances from the space; this includes closets. If you have gas-fueled appliances, you’ll need to get a professional in to disconnect them, and then reconnect them when the floor is installed.
  • If you live in an apartment house or secure, gated community, let the property manager know so you can arrange for access and parking for the installation crew.
  • Remove and dispose of our old flooring leaving a clean subfloor for the installation. If you wish, Hughes Floor Covering can provide this service. Please let your flooring associate know.
  • Our installation crew will need a work area separate from the floor installation. Both of these areas need to be heated to at least 65 degrees and have power available.
  • After your floor was measured, an installation diagram was drawn up so that seams will be placed inconspicuously, and if carpet is being used, the installer will need to lay it so the nap runs in the same direction.
  • We recommend that you finish wallpapering and painting before the floor is installed. Keep some paint to touch up any marks from the installation process.
  • Keep some floor materials that are left over in case you need them in the future for repairs.
Flooring installation in Charlotte NC  with Hughes Floor Covering

After the installation

The more we know about your taste and preferences, the better we will be able to tailor your design solution to your needs. We ask that you put together a folder with magazine clips, downloaded pictures, paint chips or anything else that exemplifies your aesthetic. It helps if we know your design dislikes too; if you hate certain colors, textures, fibers, etc., we want to hear about it.

We will ask you about who lives in your home... the number and ages of children… any elderly or people with disabilities. Pets—cat and dogs are of most concern when it comes to flooring.

You will find the people you meet through your design consultation are passionate about floor, and even more so about your satisfaction and delight.

Call us or visit our showroom in Charlotte to set up a design consultation with the professionals at Hughes Floor Covering.