Carpet binding


Why carpet binding is the upgrade you need

At Hughes Floor Covering, we understand the importance of ensuring every aspect of your flooring stands out impeccably. Beyond selling and installing premium carpets, we offer our esteemed customers an exceptional carpet binding service that ensures a refined finish for your carpets. Here, we invite you to explore the nuances of carpet binding and understand why our services are a cut above the rest.

What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding is the process of reinforcing the edges of a carpet to prevent fraying and extend its life. Usually performed on cut pieces of carpet, it involves attaching a fabric, vinyl, or synthetic material to the edges. This gives your carpet a clean, tailored finish and makes it more durable and long-lasting. Whether you’re looking to turn leftover carpet pieces into rugs or you're seeking to provide your wall-to-wall carpeting with an edge treatment, carpet edge binding offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.



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Why choose us for your carpet binding services?

  1. Expert craftsmanship: Our team of skilled professionals has honed their craft over the years. Every bound carpet that leaves our store is a testament to the quality and precision we invest in our work.
  2. Customization to your needs: Whether you have a specific shade, material, or design in mind, we offer various carpet binding options to match your décor seamlessly.
  3. Affordable prices: Quality doesn't always have to come at a premium. Our carpet edge binding services are competitively priced to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  4. Quick turnaround: We value your time. When you choose our carpet binding service, you can expect a swift and efficient turnaround, ensuring your space is spruced up without unnecessary delays.
  5. Extended carpet life: With our binding techniques, not only does your carpet look more polished, but its lifespan is also enhanced, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  6. Friendly customer service: Our commitment goes beyond just offering superior carpet binding in Charlotte, NC, and Fort Mill, SC. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. From consultation to after-service care, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Contact us for your carpet binding needs

Choosing the right carpet binding service can make a significant difference in the appearance and longevity of your carpets. At Hughes Floor Covering, we promise a blend of quality, efficiency, and affordability. Entrust us with your carpet binding needs, and watch us transform your carpets into pieces of art.

Our showrooms in Charlotte, NC, and Indian Land, SC, serve Charlotte, NC, Monroe, NC, Concord, NC, Fort Mill, SC, and Rock Hill, SC. Let's give your carpets the finishing touch they deserve. Call today!