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Hughes Floor Covering Carpet Selection Tips

Carpet can be a key decorative element in any room that enhances your furnishings. It lays the foundation to an aesthetically pleasing home, all the while creating a comfortable atmosphere, softening the sound and functioning as insulation.

Choosing Carpet by Fiber

Choosing a carpet based on its construction is determined by the use and amount of traffic it will endure. Longevity and durability are found within the fibers/yarn. That’s why it’s important you know the difference!

Wools are composed of a strong natural yarn. Therefore, they last longer and are soft to touch. This type of carpet is expensive and tends to be found in rugs and stair runners.

Nylons consist of the strongest manmade yarns and are a great option in areas where stain resistance and strength are important, such as high traffic areas.

Carpets made of Triexta yarn is partially composed of corn silk, making it a great stain resister. This type of carpet is perfect for someone who has kids and/or pets.

Polyester yarns provide you with more yarn for your money. It is also where you will find your most vibrant colors. While it may not be the best in stain resistant or wear, it is the most cost effective.


Choosing Carpet by Color or Design

Carpet comes in all sorts of colors, shades and patterns. Cream, taupe or gray colors blend well with many decorating designs as well as hide dirt.

Choosing a distinct design or pattern can add flare to a room giving it an extra dose of pizzazz. Patterned carpet is ideal for eye catching stair runners. A home office or family room is a great place for plaid carpet. It has dirt-disguising qualities and a masculine look.

The color or pattern of carpet you choose will add the final touches to your room and help collectively bring any room together. Regardless of the look you are going for, your options are endless with carpet!


Other Carpet Selection Tips

When choosing carpet for a room, bring in fabric samples from draperies, cushions, etc to the showroom. Take appealing carpet swatches home to observe the carpet in both artificial and natural light to get a real color perspective. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Our design team is here to help bring your visual ideas to life.

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