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Flooring Experts at Hughes Floor Coverings Offer Hardwood Floor Options

The word hardwood conjures up images of classic looks, richness, and charm. Hardwood floors gain character as they age and last a lifetime. There are many hardwood options from which to choose. Options include:
  • Engineered or solid hardwood
  • Board widths
  • Wood species
  • Color and texture

Engineered and Solid Hardwood

Traditional hardwood came in thick solid planks of timber. It is still available today, but many companies offer engineered hardwood also. These planks have a thin layer of hardwood bonded to other layers of wood to prevent shifting during contraction and expansion cycles.

The engineered hardwood creates opposing forces that restrict the natural movement of the wood. Solid hardwood and high-quality engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished. Thin top layer engineered hardwood cannot. Engineered hardwood has many advantages, but some people prefer solid hardwood, because of the way it feels underfoot and because it is quieter.


Hardwood Board Width Options

The selection of board widths ranges from strips that are less than three inches wide to planks that are four, six, or eight inches wide. Parquet squares are also an option. Strips are the traditional choice that gives the illusion of additional space. Hardwood planks impart a look that is rustic. Parquet floors have a distinctive geometric design suitable for formal places.

Species of Hardwood

Hardwood species vary in color, grain patterns, and durability. Cherry, maple, and oak are commonly chosen species, because of their hardness. Exotic hardwood such as Brazilian cherry and mahogany are not as durable. They are selected because of their striking appearance.

Textures and Colors of Hardwood

Depending upon the finish and the species, the color of hardwood ranges from black to blonde. New hardwood can be shiny or have an antique look that adds timeworn character to a room. Many manufacturers offer hand-scraped and distressed hardwood that disguises heavy use over time and gives the floor the antique appeal the minute it is installed.

Our flooring experts at Hughes Floor Covering will discuss all your hardwood options with you. Our showroom is located in Charlotte, NC. Customers have been coming to us for hardwood flooring for nearly 40 years.

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